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Memorial Day Flowers Event | Grove Hill Cemetery | CT Wedding Flowers, Event Design and Invitation

On Memorial Day, we volunteered to be part of the Memorial Day flower program to hand out 400 roses to families and friends that have lost a love one that served our country. At the end of the ceremony parade we placed the remaining roses on the headstone of our fallen veterans at the Grove Hill Cemetery in Vernon, CT.  It was a privilege to be part of this amazing program to honor our veterans who serve and die for your freedom!

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{TGIFF} Wedding Flower Guide: Lily of the Valley | CT Wedding Florist, Event Design and Invitation

Lily_of_the_Valley_01_by_elanordh_stockLily of the valley is a very popular wedding flower.  This little dainty flowers are beautiful as a bouquet alone or mix with other spring flowers.  They have tiny little bell flowers and they come in white and pink (very rare).   These beauties are only available in May for about 3 week .  You can get them all year around but expect to pay a hefty price.

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The Gatsby | Marquee Events at The Gershon Fox Ballroom | CT Wedding and Event Design, Floral and Invitations

gfox0024 Today, The Great Gatsby movie is released and I can’t wait to watch it!!  To celebrate I want to showcase some image from a photo shoot I did back a couple of years ago with my good friend Diane, Diane Parsons Photography.  It took place at the gorgeous art-deco Gershon Fox Ballroom (Old G.Fox Building in Hartford, CT).  A perfect setting for inspired 20’s weddings and events.  

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{TGIFF} Wedding Guide Flower: Muscari | CT Wedding and Event Design, Floral and Invitations

Muscari, grape hyacinth, garden | Perfect Princess Event

Picture of my muscari growing in my garden!


Muscari are commonly known as Grape Hyacinth.  Grape Hyacinth gets their name from the shape of its flower like bunch of tiny grapes upside down.  They have such a sweet smell.  This sweet tiny flowers are perfect for bridal bouquets, boutonnieres and small tiny budvase.


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Justine and Clark | Rustic Sunflower and Herb Theme | CT Wedding and Event Design, Floral and Invitations

Grout Photography


I had a pleasure to work with Clark’s mother again.  Her daughter got married two years ago and now her son was getting married.  Justine and Clark are both chefs and wanted to incorporate herbs into the wedding.  Justine loved the idea of using herbs for boutonnieres.  I loved herb boutonniere….organic, nature, and they just smell delicious. :)  

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{TGIFF} Wedding Flower Guide: Ranunculus | CT Wedding and Event Design, Floral and Invitations

These little beauty buttercup ranunculus have been a popular wedding flower.  They look beautiful alone or combining with garden roses and peonies to give you the lush ruffle look.  Available in practically every color, the ranunculus features several blossoms and a stem with fernlike foliage.

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