Frequently Ask Question

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How far in advance do I need to book my florist?
It is always a good idea to meet with all potential vendors as soon as you can, mainly to secure your first preference.  It does, however,  help if you have a clear idea of your wedding dress style and the venue for the reception.  An average is about eight to twelve months to secure our services, but we have planned beautiful events before in a much tighter time frame.

How do I schedule a wedding or event consultation and is there a fee?
No, there is no fee. Please contact us or call us directly at 860-985-8009.  We will then email you a consultation form and set up a complimentary consultation that will suit your schedule.

I am out of state so I can’t do a personal consultation. Is this a problem?
No, this is no problem at all. We have worked with clients that live out of state during the planning process. We would meet with you via Skype or telephone.  Then when you happen to be in the neighborhood, we can meet in person to ensure you are happy with everything.

What do I need to bring to my consultation?
Please fill out the consultation form that will be sent to your email after we have scheduled our meeting. Please bring pictures of flowers and floral designs that inspire you.  If you come across pictures of flowers or floral designs that you do not like, bring those pictures as well.  You can find floral pictures in magazines, on the Internet, or in books. If you have a Pinterest wedding inspired board,  you can share us that as well.
Pictures of the bride’s and attendant’s dresses are essential in the design process. Swatches of the colors you are working with to build your wedding’s scheme are very helpful. You can use fabric, pictures, or paint color samples.

Do you have a minimum order and will you work within my budget?
No, there is no minimum and yes, we can work within your budget.  We will ask you about your budget on the initial consultation so we know what to recommend. By taking your budget into consideration from the very beginning of the planning process, we can give you the best advice on how to place the flowers for maximum effect and what types of flowers will be the best value to achieve your desired look.

Do you offer rental décor items?
Yes, we offer a wide variety of rental décor items including vases of all shapes and sizes, large stands, urns, arches, table number holders, linens, chairs covers, and many more. We are always adding to our rental inventory so if we don’t have it, we will certainly try our best to locate it for you.

Do you deliver the flowers and set up on the day?
We take pride in making sure that everything is taken care of.  All of your flowers will be delivered and set up exactly how you want it.  We pin on the boutonnieres and corsages,  check the flowers before you walk down the aisle, and make sure your reception is perfectly set.  We can also transfer the flowers to one location to another, enable you to reuse the ceremony flowers at the reception, however, an additional charge will be added.


Event Design

What is an event designer?
Event designers design the overall look of your event with your personal style.  We help you choose the right colors, the perfect invitation, help you pick out the perfect linens, tablescape and rental decor, and choosing the best lighting that will create the perfect ambiance in the room.

What is the difference between a planner and a designer?
A planner is all about  the logistical elements of an event, such as hiring vendors, making appointment, creating task checklist, and reminders.  A designeris all about the aesthetic elements of an event, such as designing flowers, tablescape, stationery, and props.

Can I afford an event designer?
Event designers should be built into your budget instead of being thought of as an added expense.  Very often an event designer can save time and money by finding better rates and we have the knowledge to save you from making costly mistakes.  We also can think of another element to create them in a more cost effective way.

What types of events do you do?
Most of our work is related to weddings, but we love all parties and we do it all.  We can design birthday, anniversary, and holiday parties, as well as baby showers or any kind of special event that you think deserve a celebration.



How do I order your products?
You can either order online or set an appointment to view our albums.   There are some that are only available online and there are some are only available in the albums so it will be best to look through the invitations online first and then set up appointment to view our albums.

I’m not sure how to word my invitation.  Is this something you can help me?
Yes, we can help you word your invitation and making sure that there are no abbreviations, spell checks, and making sure your wording is appropriate to your event style.

How long will it take to receive my order?
Once we receive the orders and the process goes through, it will take about a week to two weeks.

Can I cancel my order?
If you’ve sent your order and you found you’ve made a mistake, please call us immediately. We will confirm the status of your order, and will let you know if a change can be made. Please note additional fees may be required to stop your order to make a change. We encourage you to look over your order very carefully before sending it to avoid the cost of having it reprinted. There is a $20.00 service fee on cancelling your order. If your order has already been printed, you will be charged full price of the order.

How do I return an order?
Once an order has printed or shipped, it cannot be cancelled or returned.

What if my item arrives damaged?
If your item is damaged during the shipping process, please do not discard the original shipping materials as they will be needed to place a claim with the shipping company. Please contact us as soon as possible, but it must be within 5 business days so that we may begin working on the replacements for you and begin the claim.

Do you offer Foreign Languages?
We can print foreign languages when the letters are from the English alphabet. In addition, we offer Spanish verses for wedding and Quince Años ensembles.