Colorful Rustic Barn Wedding | The Barn of Wesleyan Hills | CT Wedding Florist, Event Design and Invitations

LaurenJonFavs-SassyMouth-46Lauren came to see me after I did her brother’s wedding in 2012.  When I meet Lauren and we were discussing the details of her wedding, I was getting so excited and love all the detail that she wanted to incorporate into her wedding.  And on top of that her wedding was at the amazing venue, The Barn of Wesleyan Hills,  just topped it with the cherry.

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{TGIFF} Wedding Flower Guide: Hydrangea | CT wedding flowers, Event Design and Invitations

2010-08-07 04.09.52Thank Goodness It’s Flower Friday and Happy Valentine’s day!!  Today, we will show off the beauty and lush of a hydrangeas, and the most popular flower for weddings.  Hydrangeas are used abundance for weddings and events because of their large and bushy heads that helps fill out arrangements and bouquets.  

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Lauren and Justin |Marquee Events at the Gershon Fox Ballroom |CT Wedding Flowers, Event Design and Invitation

#weddingbouquets   #Boutonniere # CallaLily #HartfordCityHall #pink #navyblue #magenta #fuchsia | designed by Perfect Princess Events | Photgraphy by J.Fiereck Photography

It’s been a while since we blogged our 2013 weddings.  So our new years resolution for 2014 is to be on top of our blogging and updating our amazing weddings.

So lets start with Lauren and Justin, they were married in the cool winters of January 19, 2013.  A great way to start the New Years!  

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{TGIFF} Wedding Guide Flower: Muscari | CT Wedding and Event Design, Floral and Invitations

Muscari, grape hyacinth, garden | Perfect Princess Event

Picture of my muscari growing in my garden!


Muscari are commonly known as Grape Hyacinth.  Grape Hyacinth gets their name from the shape of its flower like bunch of tiny grapes upside down.  They have such a sweet smell.  This sweet tiny flowers are perfect for bridal bouquets, boutonnieres and small tiny budvase.


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Justine and Clark | Rustic Sunflower and Herb Theme | CT Wedding and Event Design, Floral and Invitations

Grout Photography


I had a pleasure to work with Clark’s mother again.  Her daughter got married two years ago and now her son was getting married.  Justine and Clark are both chefs and wanted to incorporate herbs into the wedding.  Justine loved the idea of using herbs for boutonnieres.  I loved herb boutonniere….organic, nature, and they just smell delicious. :)  

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{TGIFF} Wedding Flower Guide: Anemone | CT Floral and Event Design


Fuchsia pink anemone

Spring is here!!  I love spring, birds chirping, flowers blooming, and people just seem happier :)  So I decided that I want to blog my favorite flowers and the most popular wedding flowers.  So every Friday I’ll post a flower that is in season, colors availability and the meaning of each flower.   Also I’ll post some pictures of that particular flower being used in wedding arrangements to give you an ideas for your wedding!  I will call it Thank Goodness Its Flower Friday {TGIFF}!!!

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