Bridal Fashion Photo Shoot | Hillstead Museum | CT Wedding and Event Floral


I was contacted by Marissa of Sassy Mouth Photography to be part of a photo shoot at the Hillstead Museum in Farmington with Ashley and her team from Beauty Entourage.  I was thrill to be part of the team!  Who wouldn’t? .. stunning views, great photos and amazing stylists!  Check out the photos and thank you for having me!

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Underwater Bridal Photo Shoot | CT Wedding Florist, Event Design, and Invitations


What an amazing photo shot we had!  An experience that was crazy, challenging and the most important we had fun!  When Val, Valdorama Photography, approach me with this idea of underwater photo shoot he wanted me to be part of this amazing idea… I was kind of hesitated.  There isn’t that many flowers that can be submerged in water especially chlorine water, and what arrangements will I design besides your basic bridal bouquet (boring.. I wanted to do something different) that would stay inside the water and not get damage especially the models swimming.   My mind was spinning like a roller coaster thinking of ideas and I came up with the idea of the girls wearing jewelry flowers..which I love doing those..and also having flowers planted on the bottom of the pool creating the image of a garden inside the water.  I did some research and testing to make sure this would work and it did for the most part.  It was a challenge but I don’t walk away from challenges.  I actually thrive on them. :)

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The Gatsby | Marquee Events at The Gershon Fox Ballroom | CT Wedding and Event Design, Floral and Invitations

gfox0024 Today, The Great Gatsby movie is released and I can’t wait to watch it!!  To celebrate I want to showcase some image from a photo shoot I did back a couple of years ago with my good friend Diane, Diane Parsons Photography.  It took place at the gorgeous art-deco Gershon Fox Ballroom (Old G.Fox Building in Hartford, CT).  A perfect setting for inspired 20’s weddings and events.  

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