{TGIFF} Wedding Flower Guide: Garden Roses | CT Wedding Flowers, Event Design and Invitations

2013-09-06 10.57.28Thank Goodness It’s Flower Friday!!  Lets talk about the beauty of garden roses.  Now, don’t be confuse with the standard (hybrid) roses that you see everywhere in floral shops, markets and grocer stores.  These beauties are large, high petal count, rosette shape blooms with a beautiful fragrance.

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{TGIFF} Wedding Flower Guide: Hydrangea | CT wedding flowers, Event Design and Invitations

2010-08-07 04.09.52Thank Goodness It’s Flower Friday and Happy Valentine’s day!!  Today, we will show off the beauty and lush of a hydrangeas, and the most popular flower for weddings.  Hydrangeas are used abundance for weddings and events because of their large and bushy heads that helps fill out arrangements and bouquets.  

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{TGIFF} Wedding Flower Guide: Daffodils | CT Wedding Flower, Event Design and Invitation

Thank Goodness Its Flower Friday!!  While I’m typing away, it is 17 degrees outside and I can’t wait when this daffodils are peeking out of my garden because that means spring is coming!!  My favorite season, when everything is blooming, days are getting longer and WARMER, birds are chirping, and everyone just seems happier!

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{TGIFF} Wedding Flower Guide: Lily of the Valley | CT Wedding Florist, Event Design and Invitation

Lily_of_the_Valley_01_by_elanordh_stockLily of the valley is a very popular wedding flower.  This little dainty flowers are beautiful as a bouquet alone or mix with other spring flowers.  They have tiny little bell flowers and they come in white and pink (very rare).   These beauties are only available in May for about 3 week .  You can get them all year around but expect to pay a hefty price.

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{TGIFF} Wedding Guide Flower: Muscari | CT Wedding and Event Design, Floral and Invitations

Muscari, grape hyacinth, garden | Perfect Princess Event

Picture of my muscari growing in my garden!


Muscari are commonly known as Grape Hyacinth.  Grape Hyacinth gets their name from the shape of its flower like bunch of tiny grapes upside down.  They have such a sweet smell.  This sweet tiny flowers are perfect for bridal bouquets, boutonnieres and small tiny budvase.


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